About Us

GrabAyiti’s mission is to create a reliable interactive mobile marketplace for restaurants and their patrons, making the best foods on the Haitian local dining scene available through online ordering, anytime and to anyone regardless of their location.
Grab-It, created in July of 2018, is a new company wishing to make its mark in the food and beverage Haitian market, and is supported by young and dynamic entrepreneurs who understand the importance of technology in people’s daily lives.  GrabAyiti is establishing itself as a young company that understands the role technology plays in our daily lives, and by leaning on that understanding, is creating an environment where Haitian consumers can have the latest technology at its fingertips all the time while supporting and promoting local businesses.

Through a partnership with well-established restaurants in Haiti as well as newer ones, GrabAyiti is bringing an innovative approach to food delivery in the restaurant industry on the local market, by providing an application that allows interaction between restaurants and their consumers that removes the need for either party to have to leave their current location. Through the development of the mobile application, GrabAyiti wishes to:

  1. Introduce a novel approach to dining in Haiti. 
  2. Assist to provide a solution to traffic congestion in the metropolitan area.
Create an additional virtual environment for local businesses to promote their products and services.